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About Our Company

About Courtesy Couriers

Where Service is King

Courtesy Couriers is a professional courier service catering to individuals and medical facilities, law offices, mortgage companies, and more. We have over a decade of experience and have become one of the most trusted courier services in Dallas, TX.

Our company has trained and experienced couriers and drivers that are customer-oriented and courteous.

We are also known for our exceptional customer service, and we strive to deliver results that go above your expectations. We attend to all inquiries immediately and address client concerns in a respectful manner. Our company slogan, “Where Service Is King!!!” nicely sums up our dedication to our clients.

Courtesy Couriers provides very flexible delivery solutions. We can pick up and deliver anything from legal documents to oversize cargo weighing as much as 2400 lbs. In addition, we have the equipment and capabilities to complete medical deliveries.

Whether you need to transport medical equipment or deliver legal briefs to another office, you can trust us to get the job done.

Career Opportunities

Why should you be an Independent Contract Driver for Courtesy Couriers?

Reason 1
  • Make right at $700 per week
    Average courier makes $695 per week. As you gain experience, you could make even more.

Reason 2
  • Lower your taxes
    By the time you add up all of the deductions, instead of paying taxes on your $700 of weekly income, you will only be paying taxes on approximately $195 of your weekly income.
    How is this possible? The IRS allows you to choose whichever tax deduction is higher between actual expenses versus $0.505 per mile.

Reason 3
  • Make Greater Percentage
    Here at Courtesy Couriers we pay our couriers a greater percentage of the fee. We pay the driver %65 of the fee.

Reason 4
  • More time for yourself
    We know it may seem illogical that you would have more time for yourself when you are driving around…but when you are driving you are spending most of your time with your own thoughts. When you work in an office you spend a majority of your time thinking and responding to what your boss wants or demands.
    You get to listen to your favorite music, catch up with the latest news or turn your car into a university on wheels where you listen to inspirational and educational material on your mp3 player or CD player while you drive. That sounds much better than being cooped up in an office!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

  • Tunya Green, Minuteman Press - Allen, TX

    I have been using Courtesy Couriers for a few years now and their name says is all. Carl is so polite and courteous and I love being able to call him and have such a pleasant person on the other end of the line. Carl makes every effort to accommodate all our requests and is so professional in his work. I have found Carl's pricing to be extremely competitive and less than most courier services. I highly recommend Carl for all courier and delivery needs.

    Thanks so much.

  • Fred Spinelli, Abacus Printing - Plano, TX

    I don't often make referrals or recommendations , but in the case of Carl Wilkinson, I'm delighted to make an exception. Carl has been handling our pickups and deliveries for over 5 years. He treats each job, big or small, with the same attention and respect. His pricing is very competitive and you can rely on a timely delivery. In addition, in my never-to-be humble opinion, Carl's a pleasure to work with The smile and upbeat attitude are a plus.

  • Sue Ahlfinger, Ahlprint Solutions - Dallas, TX

    We just wanted to thank you for the great service you have given us over the past year in picking up and delivering our jobs! Always on time! It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

  • Terry McDowell, Promenade Printing - Dallas, TX

    I have used Courtesy Couriers for many years and always found them to be courteous and dependable. Carl conducts his business in a fair and honest way.

  • Sonia Rasmussen, Surgery Scheduler - Dallas, TX

    Carl and his company has stayed loyal to Metro Anesthesia for the past couple of years now. They have provided great service and speedy deliveries throughout the years, despite the difficult and complicated destinations for the packages. Looking forward to working with them again this year!

  • Randy Robinette, DOT Thermography Inc. - Addison, TX

    Courtesy Couriers has been a key part of our business model for the past 11 years. The professionalism and timely service they offer, along with the competitive rates for deliveries, our company has been able to deliver our products on time and with great care. I highly recommend them for anyone who is looking for a truly dependable service based on honesty, integrity, and professionalism.